Comprehensive elimination of patents

The system " Soft King " allows the elimination of all types of paints and / or patents, driving silica of small diameter at a very low pressure with the contribution of a certain percentage of humidity.

Advantages of this service:

  • Smoothness in the finish gelcoat.
  • Avoid abrasions and scratches, very common on other scratched surfaces.
  • Strict control of the thickness in pickling.
  • Opening the pore in the gelcoat if necessary in cases such as: Improvement of drying, increase of adhesive products to be applied.
  • Use of state-of-the-art machinery.
  • Trained professionals.
  • Fast and economical.

ADP recommends, once the previous paint has been removed, with a completely smooth gelcoat finishing layer and with the natural humidity of the fiber (10-15%), carry out the following process:

  • Epoxy waterproof (solvent-free) application with two components that combine the requirements of hardness and flexibility with a minimum thickness of 200 microns.
  • Apply the patent.
  • Alternatives to the application of the patent: Self-polished, hard-matrix or Teflon-based.

ADP applies all its products in their original form, free of solvents for various systems such as " AIRLESS "

The "AIRLESS" system consists of a pneumatic pump that allows you to spray products without air and to draw directly from its original container, spraying without solvents.


  • Spray without air.
  • Non-diluted products.
  • High viscosity materials.
  • Quality finish.
  • Reduces pollution.
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