Osmosis treatment

What is it about?

Any boat built in polyester and fiberglass, because it's in constant contact with water, moisture can penetrate inside the laminate.

Moisture passes through the gelcoat and mixes with chemical-free salts inside the laminate, forming a by-product that is denser than the water outside.
Then a differential pressure is created inside the structure that produces the formation of bubbles, due to the push of the liquid inside that can not pass, and neither is it compressed.

Over time, these bubbles increase and, if they are not eliminated, lead to an exfoliation of the ship's structure, losing its structural strength.

Prevention : Avoid using waterproof products because moisture passes through the gelcoat.

Diagnosis : It is recommended that every 3/4 years eliminate antifouling costs to check for signs of moisture or osmosis.

Curing : The curing process involves the extraction of the gelcoat , thoroughly cleaning the surfaces affected by the acids and proper cleaning, assuming that all this is a process laborious, although not complex, requires rigorous control.
Once the laminate is in its natural moisture, it should be laminated in the affected areas, chewing and sealing again.

West System Methodology
West System, recognized as a world leader in the nautical world, has developed Epoxi product lines that are applied through a methodology for the artisanal treatment and the prevention of osmosis.

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